Who are those who abuse booze and drugs?

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Alcoholism and drug addiction are fairly common in today’s culture. Some estimates place the number of Americans who battle drug addiction at above twenty percent. A guest article about a drug or alcohol problem

Alcoholism and drug addiction cause destruction, sadness, and pain in the addict as well as the people in their lives. Both the workplace and friends and family are impacted by drug addiction. Employees who battle with drug or alcohol addiction harm businesses and create unpleasant and perhaps unsafe working circumstances.

There are still many baseless assumptions around the causes of drinking and drug addiction. Some people make an effort to pinpoint the social categories that are most affected. Some individuals attempt to label drug and alcohol abuse as an illness or a moral flaw. These fallacies unnecessarily propagate misinformation, anxiety, and humiliation. There is no particular group in society that is unaffected by alcoholism or drug addiction. Each race, gender, and socioeconomic category is affected. It is not necessary to fear or identify drug users with bad stereotypes. Everybody eventually runs across problems in life and needs help from others. Addicts to alcohol and drugs are no different from other people. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease that no one chooses; instead, it claims lives.

How Are Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Spotted?

There are indicators of alcohol and drug addiction. Here is a short list of some of these:

  • crimson or dilated eyes
  • erratic speaking
  • gloomy, impatient, dangerous, or violent behaviour
  • strong levels of energy (such as talking incessantly) or fatigue
  • Paranoia
  • unexpected development of hygiene or personal appearance concerns
  • sudden alterations among pals
  • Depression

Every fifth drug user who works also engages in illicit drug usage while at their job. Unsurprisingly, usage of drugs or alcohol contributes to over half of accidents at work.

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